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FOSTER CARE FACT FOR THE DAY: The federal government paid  incentives of$31, 751,494, plus an additional $20 million per state in bonuses, if they exceeded last year’s foster care numbers. State foster care gets $25,782, per child, per year, plus local matching funds.

Source: National Council for Adoption

What is CAPTA?

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) 2010

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) is one of the key pieces of legislation that guides child protection. CAPTA, in its original inception, was signed into law on January 31, 1974. It has been amended several times and its last amendment was in December of 2010.  This act was to oversee wrong doings by Child Protective Services but also to liaison with the agency as an extra “pair of hands, set of eyes” in the field of protecting children. They set up citizen review panels in every state to oversee CPS to verify if the cases were valid. But like the ombudsman program, the citizen review panel has been corrupted because its powered by the Child Protective Services budget.

Here is a link to read CAPTA 2010 in full:


Kentucky Foster Care facts for November 2014

Kentucky DCBS child placement for  November 2014

7,793 Kentucky children are in out of home placement (OOHC)

3,183 (or 41.2 %) Kentucky children have been placed in PCC(private child care) Foster Homes
3064 (39.6%) Kentucky children have been placed in foster care homes (all types)
ONLY 237 (3.1%) Kentucky children are placed with relatives/family
–It is estimated that foster children cost Kentucky taxpayers approximately $69 per day.

to see in  PDF form click on the link below: