Kentucky cuts Kinship Care

April 2013–Kentucky stopped Kinship Care for families last April(2013) Families that are currently receiving Kinship Care will continue benefits, but the state will not be accepting any new applicants. Currently 24,400 families and 48,000 children receive child care assistance money. The average subsidy is $376 per family, per month.

In Kentucky, about 59,000 children are being raised by extended family members—that’s 6 percent of children in the state, among the greatest percentage in the U.S., according to an issues brief from Kentucky Youth Advocates.

These “kinship care” situations usually turn out better for the children than foster care—less emotional strain, fewer behavioral issues, Kentucky Youth Advocates said. And it’s cheaper for the state ($10 per child per day for kinship, $69 for foster care), Brooks said.

Many Kentucky children will be eligible for other government programs such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or food stamps. Children in kinship care will also still be eligible for Medicaid.

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